Riana Kadimba, Mathias Moyo, Rufina Kela Shifa and Pinehas Uupindi, interns with the Desert Research Foundation of Namibia, developed the first drafts of the description of the nominated Property. To give them a good start, Chris Brown, Eugene Marais and Roger Swart provided them with an overview of the issues from their specific perspectives.

Mark Boorman, Peter Bridgeford, Andrew Goudie, Inge Henschel, John Irish, Herta Kolberg, Holger Kolberg, Manie le Roux, Ian Livingstone, Roy Miller, Nils Odendaal, John Pallett, Carole Roberts, Gabi Schneider, Ute Schreiber, Ann and Mike Scott, Penda Shimali, Colgar Sikopo and Theo Wassenaar provided specific descriptions, information, data or considered opinions on problematic issues as they arose.

Official support for compilation of the dossier was provided by the Namibia National Committee for World Heritage, specifically Trudie Amulungu, Frieda Kanime, Eugene Marais, Esther Moombolah-­‐ /Goâgoses, Gabi Schneider and Peingeondjabi Shipoh.

The massive task of assembling and summarising the information required for this dossier would not have been possible in such a short space of time without the financial support of the German World Heritage Foundation and the mediation of the German Commission for UNESCO that facilitated the request from the Namibia National Commission for UNESCO. William Bowen, Eckart Demasius, Julian Fennessy, the Gobabeb Training & Research Centre, Christine Marais, Tony Robertson and Paul van Schalkwyk generously contributed images and illustrations for this nomination dossier.

Stephanie Fennessy, Jack Kambatuku, Eugene Marais, Sharon Montgomery and Mary Seely were responsible for writing, final editing and assembling of some of the particularly hard-­‐to-­‐get materials.

All of the above, and others we may have inadvertently overlooked, are sincerely thanked for their valuable contributions.